World Water Day

Water is Elixir of Life!

Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI) working along with the rural and tribal communities to enable them meeting their aspirations has been proactively focusing on building their capabilities on water resource development and management.

On the #worldwaterday2024, our communities and we commit towards proactively engaging and actioning all efforts towards sustainable water resources development and management. The lead on this focused engagement will be by our community institutions with CInI bringing in the key stakeholders towards actioning and strengthening the effort on overall water management.

The Lakhpati Kisan programme being led by our women collectives for the last 6 years has worked towards promoting the water resources structures towards harvesting the rainwater (seepage wells, check dams, ponds, etc) along with emphasising on the water recharge and soil conservation measures. The most important emphasis has been the community adopting to the drip management along with the crop management along with technologies.

The Systems Thinking Approach, wherein the communities have deliberated on the Lakhpati Programme and Climate linkages are showing clear directions of them looking at water management, crop water requirements, etc. The households will be irreversibly moving on the Lakhpati pathway only if they focus on sustainable water management.

Drinking water is one of the most important need of the households both in terms of quantity and quality. As part of our partnership with the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) and the Village Water – Sanitation Committee (VWSCs), within the Lakhpati clusters, the focus is towards household based standpost with 55 LPCD water availability. CInI has been working closely with the VWSCs to focus on the operations and maintenance along with the most important aspect of water quality. The capability strengthening of the VWSCs and ensuring they contribute the water charges has been focused effort by our team.

We as a team are dedicated towards working on the overall focus on Water – Food Systems – Energy nexus in a proactive manner through systems thinking, wherein relevant technologies and partners would be brought in to strengthen the community institutions to lead the actions.

#worldwaterday #waterconservation #everydropcounts 💧💙 Happy World Water Day!