Recovering from the Ashes: How Goat Insurance Rekindled Rabina's Dreams

Imagine losing a goat and receiving Rs. 3,000 in its place. This was not a dream for Rabina Soren, but a reality thanks to the innovative goat insurance offered by Jagruk Mahila Farmer Producer Company Limited (JMFPCL). 

Rabina, a smallholder farmer from Jharkhand, joined the Lakhpati Kisan program and found hope in goat rearing. But like any venture, it came with risks. The JMFPCL team, recognising this, introduced a game-changing solution: goat insurance. 

Many, including Rabina, were initially skeptical. Insuring goats, unlike humans, seemed unusual. But JMFPCL, determined to empower its members, partnered with Gram Cover to make it happen. Premiums were low (Rs. 300 per goat) and goats just needed to be over a year old. 

And it was in 2022 that the tragedy struck Rabina. One of her goats, poisoned by pesticides, died. But Rabina was not alone. She had insured her herd. The claim process, thanks to the proactive JMFPCL team, was swift. Within a day, the claim was filed, and by September, Rabina had received Rs. 3,000—the first beneficiary of this initiative.

This was not just a financial gain; it was a restored dream. Rabina’s smile at the FPC meeting was a testament to the impact. But the journey was not smooth. Initially, the community doubted claims, and the annual premium felt unfamiliar compared to life insurance. There was even a one-month waiting period after policy activation. 

However, success stories like Rabina’s are changing the narrative. Confidence is growing, and villagers are increasingly seeking insurance, especially where claims have been settled. This initiative has not only protected against financial losses but has also secured livelihoods. Goat rearing Didi’s now understand: insurance isn’t just about loss; it’s about hope and continuity.