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Empowering the future starts with our children.

We invest in their potential today to nurture tomorrow's leaders.

In the heart of our commitment to uplift rural-tribal communities lies a profound belief in the transformative power of education. Over the past 15 years, CInI’s education journey has been one of collaboration, empowerment, and measurable impact. Our focus on Jharkhand, Odisha, and Gujarat reflects a strategic expansion. In a dynamic growth phase, our education program has successfully concluded a first phase and launched an ambitious second phase (2022-2025).

CInI, working for education, empowers communities with our holistic approach to create an environment that fosters growth and knowledge. Our commitment extends beyond classrooms; volunteer efforts during the pandemic earned us the prestigious I-Volunteer Awards 2022. Actively shaping education in Khunti and Dhadgaon, Maharashtra, we foster an environment nurturing curiosity, imagination, and community involvement. CInI’s education journey is a commitment to building a brighter, empowered future for rural-tribal communities.

Programme Components

Safe & Sufficient Drinking Water

Menstrual Hygiene Management


School Wash


Program Components

Academic Enrichment

Prioritizing robust assessments, Academic Enrichment records a 23.2% improvement in language and a remarkable 28% advancement in math in Jharkhand. Advocating for community libraries and recognizing School Management Committee contributions, this component ensures continuous advancement in students' academic journey.

School Environments

Shaping holistic development, School Environments introduce morning assemblies, kitchen gardens, and student parliaments in over 160 schools. Focusing on print-rich classrooms, technology use, arts promotion, and library corners, it integrates community involvement for collective monitoring and infrastructure development.

Community Engagement

Emphasizing community roles through School Management Committees, Community Engagement ensures collective efforts in monitoring progress, developing infrastructure, and providing inputs for program enhancement. Advocacy efforts result in financial support for around 27 community libraries in Khunti, showcasing ongoing community engagement and support for children's education.

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Jhola Libraries

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