MISSION 2020: Education

CInI’s education programme is being directly implemented in two locations – Khunti in Jharkhand and Dhadgaon in Maharashtra – covering more than 160 schools with about 73,500 students. The focus is on enhancing the learning-levels of students through improved and innovative teaching methods and tools by co-implementing in the classroom along with training of government teachers. Within the classroom, emphasis is laid on ensuring a print-rich environment for students, access to resources for triggering imagination and quick grasp of concepts, introduction of use of IT in education, promotion of traditional arts and crafts through local resource persons along with development of library corners for inculcating a reading habit from an early age.


The programme also focuses on improving the overall school environment through introducing the culture of morning assemblies, cultivation through kitchen gardens (which also ensure availability of nutritious food for midday meals) and promoting student parliaments. Community members form an integral part of the entire system where they are involved through school management committees, along with government representatives, for monitoring the progress of their wards, developing the school infrastructure, assessing and providing inputs for improvement of the programme.