From Sunbeams to Savings: How a Tiny Pump Changed a Farmer's Life

Imagine being a farmer, dependent on unpredictable rains for your crops. Drought is a constant threat, and income is uncertain. This was Srimati Didi’s reality in Sanahatnabeda village, Odisha. 

Limited water means limited options. Rainfed agriculture meant one rice crop a year and reliance on her son’s income in the city. Diverse, profitable crops were a distant dream. 

Then came the sunbeam of hope—a solar portable pump. This small marvel transformed Srimati’s life. Now, she’s no longer at the mercy of the sky. Spring and summer are prime times for vegetables, thanks to the reliable water flow. Bitter gourds, chilies, and tomatoes flourish under her care. 

The results speak for themselves. Over the course of a year, Srimati earned more than INR 1,00,000! Her confidence has soared, along with her bank account. She’s even planning a ring well and expanding her vegetable kingdom. 

It’s not just about Srimati. 750 farmers like her in Odisha and Jharkhand are reaping the benefits of solar pumps. These compact wonders are designed for small farms and are easy to carry and operate. 

This is more than just a pump; it’s a revolution. Empowering farmers, boosting incomes, and securing food security – all powered by the sun.

Solar pump is like a blessing. We don't have to worry about rain or diesel and can now grow bitter gourd & chilli that fetch good prices in the market. It has made us more confident.

– Srimati Hembram