Organisation Faq’s

Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI), established in 2007, is an Associate Organization of the Tata Trusts. CInI, the nodal agency for anchoring the Trusts’ Central India Initiative, is currently operating in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Maharashtra and Gujarat. It aims to transform the lives of tribal households in the Central Indian Tribal belt, by bringing them irreversibly out of poverty with increased quality of life and life choices, through building knowledge and scaling up programmes in thematic areas of agricultural production, strengthening community-based organisations, forest-based livelihoods, water resource development, drinking water and sanitation, education, etc. CInI is presently executing a focused programme ‘Mission 2020 – Lakhpati Kisan: Smart Villages’ which aims at making nearly one lakh tribal households ‘Lakhpati’ in an irreversible and sustainable manner along with promoting strong women-led community institutions to lead their development path.

Donation Faq’s

You can make a donation on the CInI website through Debit/Credit card payments, net banking or online wallets. You can also donate through your loyalty points accumulated across various loyalty programs through our initiative Points for People.

Yes, providing Debit/Credit details through the payment gateway is safe. Loyalty Card details provided are protected by the loyalty programme itself and no breach of information is allowed.

If you want to donate through credit card/ debit card/ net banking/ wallets, minimum donation amount is Rs.500.

Yes, foreign donations are also accepted on the website. To make a donation from outside India, please click here.

The donor gets 50% tax exemption as per section 80G of IT Act. This is subject to a maximum of 10% of the gross total income of the individual as computed according to the prescribed tax law. Any donations made over the specified limit do not qualify for tax deduction. However, there are some donations wherein this limit of 50% of the amount donated does not apply. Nevertheless, even such donations can be claimed as deduction from taxable income subject to the 10% of the gross total income.

The donation receipt will be automatically generated upon receipt of your payment. It will take about one week to receive the receipt

Company Questions

The funds are currently being utilized for the Mission 2020: Lakhpati Kisan – Smart Villages programme of CInI. The aims is to transform the lives of 100,000 tribal households by March 2020 by bringing them irreversibly out of poverty with improved quality of life and life choices.

In its 10 years of operation in the Central India tribal belt, CInI has successfully collaborated with various civil society organizations, agriculture and other knowledge institutions and state and central government.