From Manure to Bounty: How Waste Became a Farmer's Goldmine

Cattle dung, often seen as waste, holds a hidden potential for rural communities. This story unfolds in Changani village, Ranchi, where Imran Dada, a smallholder farmer, discovered a goldmine in his livestock’s waste – biofertilizer.

Imagine generating clean cooking fuel for your home while creating a potent nutrient boost for your crops! That’s the magic of biogas systems. These systems convert dung into biogas, a clean energy source, and bio-slurry, a rich fertilizer.

National Dairy Development Board and Sustain Plus Energy Foundation joined hands to create an “end-to-end manure value chain,” transforming bio-slurry into SuDhan biofertilizers. This innovation empowers farmers like Imran, reducing their reliance on expensive chemical fertilizers and boosting their income through higher yields.

Imran’s story is proof. He cultivated two watermelon plots, one using SuDhan and the other with conventional fertilizers. The SuDhan-treated plot yielded a staggering 26.4% more watermelons, a difference of 1,850 kilograms! The plants were visibly healthier, boasting greener foliage and better flowering.

This isn’t just a story of one farmer; it’s a beacon of hope for countless rural communities. Organizations like CInI with their initiatives including Sustain-Plus are dedicated to finding ingenious solutions like SuDhan, promoting sustainable practices that increase yield and empower farmers.

So, the next time you see cattle dung, remember – it isn’t just waste; it’s a potential treasure waiting to be unlocked.