Sustain Plus is an open-source platform for sustainable energy access for poverty alleviation initiatives in India. Together CInI and Sustain Plus aim to create an ecosystem that will support and scale-up renewable energy access programmes and technologies, for the rural-tribal communities. With Sustain Plus, we plan to transform the efficiency of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) initiatives for a stronger impact across all our programs and locations.

Programs/Initiatives for Livelihoods

CInI and Sustain Plus are working together with communities of rural-tribal areas, to harness the power of renewable energy sources for livelihoods.

Programs/Initiatives for Education

One of the core objectives of CInI & Sustain Plus’ education project is making young students aware of the need and possibilities with decentralised renewable energy. A training module focusing on varied aspects of renewable energy has been thus developed. The training aims at building teachers’ capacity on topics related to renewable energy. Different learning techniques form part of the module involving – model making, discussions, and lectures and outdoor sessions.


Discussion PV Cell

Solar Fan