Growth and Development through our Sports Initiative

The rural-tribal parts of India have given field hockey some of its biggest stars. From Balbir Singh to Nikki Pradhan, the list goes on. Starting in 2016, Tata Trusts and Clnl has been laying down the foundation for empowering hockey players in tribal-rural India through the Sports programme.


Mission: to impart crucial life skills including teamwork and leadership along with technical instructions on hockey.


The trainings for students are structured at 2 levels:

Grassroots Level Training

The Grassroot Level Training is the basic level training given to students after their school hours. 45 hockey professionals conduct training sessions twice every week with students from select schools. The programme includes intense training for eleven months of the year where technical and tactical skills are taught and practised. These were applied at league matches conducted between schools. The league matches culminated in an Annual Hockey Fest featuring the best school teams. This was followed by selection trials.

Regional Development Centre (RDC) Training

RDCs are academics for training the best players from Grassroot Level fests and trials, to train professionally. For eight months, the cadets learn the skills required to play like professionals with world-class training and equipment. 30 boys and 30 girls are trained every day by three international hockey professionals for two hours on water-based turfs. They play regular matches with other teams of other academies. This was followed by a removal and reselection process to induct fresh members. The best among these cadets were encouraged to participate in trials for professional academies like the Naval Tata Hockey Academy (NTHA).

Achievements so far


  • 5 girls from Khunti and Simdega joined NTHA
  • 7 girls selected for RDC Simdega



  • 5 girls selected for NTHA Orissa
  • 2 girls for Bariatu academy
  • 1 boy in RDC Gumla
  • 2 boys in RDC Khunti
  • 1 boy in Eklavya, Ranchi



  • 8 kids from Khunti joined NTHA
  • 2 girls selected for (SAI) Training Centre Hazaribagh
  • 4 boys in RDC Khunti.



  • 9 kids from Khunti joined NTHA